6 Things to do on your next Period

The terms “menstruation” and “menses” are derived from the Latin mensis (month), which in turn relates to the Greek mene (moon) and to the roots of the English words month and moon. Here are some tricks and tips that helped me during those dreaded days if the month. If these helped you as much, let me know down in the comments!

1.Do Not Stress
I cannot stress this enough! Women have enough to worry about, period should be the time of intense self care and indulgence. There’s a saying in Indian (Asian) culture that, a woman’s body during this time is as vulnerable as that of a newly birthed mother, so appropriate care should be taken. Headspace meditation app has immensely helped me to have a fixed meditation practice, follow the link to head to their website.

2. Mark the cycle days
It is always better to be prepared than be surprised, by the mostly unwelcome visitor. I use Clue app, which has help me track the cycle and my moody days well. Also the safe days for intercourse, pill timetable, high energy to low energy days, hunger levels etc can all be noted and observed. More knowledge about the body, more easily you can accomplish the life goals.

To know more about how the body changes as per the lunar cycle listen to “Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast”- Samantha Gladish

3. Drink Water
Keep the body hydrated always. It might not help with the cramping but reduces bloating. Reduce the intake of salt.

4. Exercise
Stretch a bit every 40 minutes, even in those very difficult fetal position cramping days! Simple yoga and stretching would make you feeling peachy. Also a Hot water bag is the best companion in these days.
Check the videos by Blogilates on few simple stretches!

5. Practice Sustainability
Mother Earth has enough burden with plastics and other non biodegradable matter dumped in left right and center. With the advent of menstrual cups, cotton sanitary napkin and tampons in the market, being zero waste has never been easier!.
Check out these menstrual cups, Plush for pads and tampons. For further research here are the videos I loved.
For more information of sustainability refer my other blogpost.

6. Self Care
Best days of the month to pamper yourself with a pedicure and head massages! Bring out all those romantic, dramatic sappy movies and let the tears flow!! A new start awaits, get ready for the upcoming month and break more glass ceilings !
Read the article in Medium which inspired my self care “My Menstrual Cycle Helps Me Connect With Myself”- Marta Brzosko

So here is my 2 cents after experiencing many a bloody moons. If you have anymore please let me know, down in the comments.

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