Expected outcome and rules: 100 day productivity challenge

Well, it is easy to start a challenge and have an unrealistic, summit K2 peak type expectation. The crux of any exam is have an attainable result, a bit challenging yes, but feasible end goals. Similarly in this scenario before we delve deeply into this rabbit hole experiment, its a must to set some ground rules. Let us go through each goal individually and go through some possible shortcoming and unacceptable factors in each scenario.

  1. Study for 4 hours
    • 4 hrs is a minimum benchmark, ideally it should be more than that.
    • Preparation for competitive exams, so intensive and exhaustive studying.
    • Studying to be done for all 100 days for optimum results of this challenge.
  2. Run Daily
    • Running should be done minimum 5 times a week so a total of 75 days.
    • Once or twice completing 5 km a day
  3. Cook a meal per day
    • Hoping to have a healthy wholesome diet
    • Once a day cooking for the whole 100 day duration
  4. Organize/Tidy up 1 room per day
    • To have a tidy clutter free home
    • One room a day keeps the clothes from piling away
    • All 100 days challenge, no days off.
Ellen makes the First Lady work hard !!!

Now that these ground rules are established, for more accountability, posting pictures in social media about daily status also to be followed. Having rules makes it easier to streamline and follow through the process. Daily data and status of Week 1 and Week 2 will be thoroughly blogged about and photographed, I assume there would be more distractions and mind body battle in the said duration.

Let the games begin 2!!!

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