100 days of Productivity Challenge

Winter is coming and it is getting cozier than ever, so instead of sitting and studying or getting the house in order, ti’s the season of Netflix and chill. So after a regrettable amount of binge watching crime thrillers, lounging in pajamas all day and not moving from the couch, the time for action has come! Consistency has been another roadblock for me, which I am hell bent on changing, provided I am not seduced by social media and soap operas!!

After hours of browsing, cue wasting time in finding methods of productivity, where it was particularly difficult getting out of the bullet journal videos, I found 100 days of Productivity Challenge.There were many blogs but, I found this one succinct and to the point.

I have 4 goals for the challenge to be done daily

  1. Study 4 hours
  2. Run 4 km daily
  3. Cook 1 meal a day
  4. Organize/tidy up home,1 room a day

So nothing frilly, just 4 things to do daily to increase my consistency and streamline the processes. I have a process oriented approach, so documenting this journey publicly is an experiment and a bonus accountability factor.

This my chance and fight against distraction, and be a player instead of being played.


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