Indian Mythology

Mythology has kept India alive, throughout the centuries of multiple invasions by muslim rulers, colonialism, advent of christian missionaries . The word to mouth retelling of the heroes life stories, kept the hope aflame, alive. Deep in the hearts,people knew that this wasn’t it, the darkest part of night ushers the dawn. Stories of Lord Rama, Krishna, Parashuram its all fitted with violence & not so perfect protagonists.

The line between the good & bad has been blurred, in those retellings. For instance, Lord Rama, who’s supposed to be the embodiment of virtue,abandoned his wife in the jungle alone & pregnant. Lord Krishna, planned & executed a major war,in which clans were annahilated, leaving a few handful to rule the empty roost. Well, Lord Parasuram, killed his own mother, under his father’s command. There’s a story of Swetaketu questioning his father about his paternal heritage, seeing his mother in her lover’s arms. In those days women were free to have as many lovers even after marriage.What does one take away from these stories, one might ask? The answer is what one wants to. All these are metaphors, the lesson is according to what you perceive.

There are no good or bad, rather one salvages and makes the most out of the situation. Draupadi had 5 husbands, yet she was disrobed & humiliated, while the husbands were watching, helpless. The queen can be disgraced, also a beggar could be the next King. The sense of righteousness is inaccurate. Perceiving the world in the shades of black & white is inapt. Indians are worshiping the act of coitus, or rather its symbolism for years, as lord Shiva. Linga, is the representation of the coming together, of the divine soul(brahman) & mother nature(prakriti), one cannot come to being without another, like Yin & Yang.

I want to tell everyone & even myself, to stop being so judgemental, & accept everyone for who they are. We are all here to learn our lessons & then unlearn some of the misconceptions. Baggage is all there on everyone, just that its custom made for every soul’s needs. The stories & mythologies got me through childhood, opened my eyes to a whole new universe of imagination & tolerance. Underneath the armor of religion, caste & sect, we are all truly one, a human in search of one’s true heritage & love.



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