6 Things to do on your next Period

1.Do Not Stress I cannot stress this enough! Women have enough to worry about, period should be the time of intense self care and indulgence. There’s a saying in Indian (Asian) culture that, a woman’s body during this time is as vulnerable as that of a newly birthed mother, so appropriate care should be taken….

100 days of Productivity Challenge

This is girl’s journey to make her life more consistent and disciplined.
All it took was 4 tasks and 100 days, what will the outcome be.?
Pass or fail!!..
Hang on tight,as I fight all the distractions and emotional turmoils, to crush or be crushed by the challenge!

What Happens In Love?

Why do we even bother with love, another one of the classic, chicken, or egg question? We humans have graced the planet since 100s of years now, have we learned nothing? Or have we learned everything that is, and our existence justifies the screw-ups, wars, and havoc we have wreaked on the planet. The widespread…

Indian Mythology

Mythology has kept India alive, throughout the centuries of multiple invasions by muslim rulers, colonialism, advent of christian missionaries . The word to mouth retelling of the heroes life stories, kept the hope aflame, alive. Deep in the hearts,people knew that this wasn’t it, the darkest part of night ushers the dawn. Stories of Lord Rama, Krishna, Parashuram…